Are you in desperate need of a staycation?

If you don’t have the time or money to travel across the country for a vacation, the “staycation” trend may be perfect for you. A “staycation” means taking a vacation in your own city, usually booking a hotel or bed and breakfast stay and shirking off all responsibilities for a few days. After all, you work hard all year. You deserve a break!

If you’re a Santa Barbara local, a staycation may be just what you need. Here are a few reasons to staycation with us at Beachside Inn.


Save Money on Travel

Often, the most expensive part of any vacation is the travel itself. Booking a flight or a long bus or train ride can add up, and transportation once you’ve reached your destination. In that way, a staycation can offer the same relaxing benefits while saving you money! You can keep your own car and you won’t have to worry about the fee to check bags at the airport. You can even save money on food by cooking from home if your staycation is on a budget — though we recommend treating yourself by dining out if you can.

Hit All Your Favorite Spots

Think about your favorite stores, sights, beaches, etc. in Santa Barbara. Even if you’ve lived here for years, you might not get a chance to hit all your favorite spots as often as you’d like, because you’re busy, well, living your life. But on a staycation, you don’t have any responsibilities…except to treat yourself. Check out your favorite restaurants, go shopping, spend a day on the beach. Whatever makes your heart happy about Santa Barbara, go after those things.

See Your City Through Fresh Eyes

Jumping off that point, think of all the things in Santa Barbara that you haven’t had time to see or do. Now is your chance! When you staycation at Beachside Inn, you’ll find yourself just across from the Santa Barbara harbor. You’ll find plenty of water sports supply stores and classes nearby if you want to learn a new skill. Check out recently opened stores and restaurants or explore parts of town you might not otherwise have much to do with. Treat yourself like a tourist for a few days, and explore everything as if it were new to you.

Refresh Yourself

You might not be traveling to some far off place, but a staycation still gives you the vacation mentality. By saying no to all of your responsibilities for the time, you can refresh your mind and let the stress from your daily life roll off your shoulders. If you’ve found yourself stuck at work or with a personal project, your staycation might give you the inspiration you need. If you’ve been feeling burned out lately, a staycation will help you to come back to your life with new energy and motivation.

Looking for a chance to treat yourself to a staycation? Book your stay with Beachside Inn today!