Santa Barbara Landmarks You Don’t Want to Miss

Santa Barbara is known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but there’s more beauty to find here than just the beaches. In fact, you can find a number of fascinating historic landmarks throughout the city. Classic Spanish architecture is still prevalent throughout, and you’ll find that in historic buildings [...]

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3 Exciting Santa Barbara Activities For Kids

Planning a family trip to Santa Barbara? As a parent, you probably know how crucial it is to keep your kids entertained and interested in what’s happening so you can prevent a meltdown. Besides, obviously you want the vacation to be fun for everyone! Fortunately, there’s little chance of your [...]

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Spending the Winter in Santa Barbara

Every summer, people fly in from all over to visit Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches and classic Spanish Revival architecture. But Santa Barbara isn’t just for summer! You can visit year round, and in fact, some feel that wintersan is the best and most beautiful time to visit this coastal California [...]

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Where to Get the Spa Treatment in Santa Barbara

Coastal California cities are known for their laid back nature. You don’t come to Santa Barbara to stress yourself out. You come to Santa Barbara to relax! And between all the beach excursions and your comfortable rooms at Beachside Inn, one perfect way to relax is with a spa day. [...]

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6 Colleges and Universities in Santa Barbara

With beautiful natural scenery, a long coastline, and the towering Santa Ynez Mountains, it’s unsurprising that many incoming college students want to attend school in Santa Barbara. Another draw that brings students from all over the country — and even the world — is the vast amount of colleges to [...]

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